Peter The Most Caring Vet :) The Email He Sent As Bob <3

Hi Mum

Hope you got my photo – I am on my fluids now and have had my first chemotherapy injection.
Everyone says I am being very well behaved and cooperative and want me to get better.
I should be able to come home tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon – but they want to do my blood pressure first, and I have to have more medication tomorrow.
Apparently my urine has lots of protein in it which  is why I’m losing weight, and Peter is going to order in a new medicine for me to try to reduce that.
I’m still not very interested in food so I think I may get some medicine to stop me feeling sick.
They also checked to see I have FeLV and apparently I don’t – so that’s good news.
Peter’s going to send you an update later.
Don’t worry too much – I am very comfortable and have company.  Tom next door to me also has FIV and he is very healthy so I guess there’s some hope for me.
Love and kisses for now