8 Days On

Its been 8 days, and i’m starting to see a change, he seems somewhat grumpy and lazy. 

We took him to the Vet again on Saturday, he did not give us any hope, in fact after the introductions he said ” well i must say you are fighting a losing wicket here” 

He told us he wanted sometime to think it through and come up with the best care plan for him. We will be going back to the vet today to discuss the options further and hopefully start some treatment. 

I feel like we have wasted so much precious time, when we found out he was fine, showing no signs of illness, i think we should have started treatment straight away before he started deteriorating, i feel very helpless and like everybody that can help is wasting time that we don’t particularly have. I can only hope that we have not waited to long to start treatment i hope it has not spread too far, i hope that he can make it and that he will be ok, and i hope he is not in pain. 





4 Days Since Diagnosis

Bob’s doing ok today, a bit lazy but still eating and showing no severe signs of illness. 

Found a great looking veterinary practice, Pets Naturally, they are reviewing Bob’s case 

Hopefully they can help, but we’ll just have to wait while we hope & pray 

Here he is with his peach belly 


Bob’s Diagnosis – The Start Of Our Journey

And so our story begins last month, 16th Of June 2014 to be precise, when i took Bob to the vet, he wasn’t eating properly and seemed to be in some discomfort so we phoned the local vet and they advised we bring him in straight away, so off we went. When we got there the vet checked him over thoroughly, and as always Bob was as good as gold even when he was in pain when the vet applied pressure to his tummy/sides. 

Result: he had a high temperature, vet gave him a pain relief shot and some antibiotics and sent us home with Amoxicillin, within a couple of days he was fine, within a week though we noticed his kidneys were swollen (we didn’t know then that it was his kidneys) back to the vets we went. This time she said his kidneys were swollen and suggested a blood test and an ultrasound, we agreed. The test showed he had FIV, and she wanted to perform an ultrasound to check his kidneys properly.

Friday came and Bob wasn’t eating again, he had lost a lot of weight too, off he went to the Vets again for his ultrasound, the vet then suggested he stay on a drip and we agreed, On Friday evening they called to let us know that the ultrasound went OK, they weren’t very pleased with the size of his kidneys so they performed a biopsy and wanted him to stay the weekend on a drip, they then informed us that it would either be an infection brought on by the FIV or they could be cancerous. We would have to wait until Monday for the Specialist to check the results. 

By Saturday evening Bob had started eating again and on Sunday morning he was allowed home :) I was fairly surprised when i saw him, apart from having a very bad haircut ( something like a very badly shaved poodle) he was fine ! eating, drinking, jumping on things and so happy to be home he showered us all with love and little head rubs ❤ 

But then on Monday we received the news that Bob has a fast spreading Lymphoma in his Kidneys, we were offered Steroids which in turn will damage his kidneys further and 2 weekly checks to monitor him and told that maybe another vet would offer him chemo.

At the moment he’s fine, not showing any signs of illness and is still himself, but i realize that time is of the essence so i started researching and found loads of things that could potentially help, read loads on Cottage cheese and Flaxseed Oil, tried to give it to him yesterday but he refused, even in a syringe. thing is he’s been fed cat food all his life, trying to give him even a bit of chicken is a struggle in itself, he turns his nose up at everything. 

So here i am hoping that somebody has some advice that could help Bob, maybe you have a cat in the same situation ? or even cured a cat from cancer ? 

Any advice on treatment would be greatly appreciated 

And we wait ….