My Little Butter Ball :)


All curled up in the land of nod ❤ 


Chemo – Round 2

Bob had his 2nd round of chemo on Friday 15th. All went well

Before he could have his chemo he had to have a blood test to check that his white blood cell count hadn’t dropped too low, so we waited for the call to see whether he could go ahead with his chemo or have to wait until his cell count was ok.

When the vet called he was amazed at how well Bob was doing ! His bloods were all almost normal ! His white blood  cell count was normal,  his high phosphate level was down to almost normal, his kidney size had reduced a lot,  infact you can no longer feel them, compare that to just over a week ago when they were sticking out like golf balls ! The vet said he is so pleased with him and that bob has made a dramatic improvement !

Bob is home now after his 2nd round he didn’t have to spend the night,  and he is doing so well, he is Bob again 🙂 ❤

Im so glad I decided to go with it,  the other option was unthinkable


Bob’s Update

Bob is doing ok,

We picked him up on Saturday after his chemo and the vet was really pleased with him and how it went. he said he’s a dream 🙂 

He had a bad day yesterday though. He didn’t eat anything until the evening and spent most of the day hiding and sleeping. We called the vet and he asked us to bring him in today, but by the night he was his usual self, eating, drinking and being ever so loving 🙂 

Last night was the best he’s been in a while and i’m hoping this is a sign of good things to come.

We shall see ….



Peter The Most Caring Vet :) The Email He Sent As Bob <3

Hi Mum

Hope you got my photo – I am on my fluids now and have had my first chemotherapy injection.
Everyone says I am being very well behaved and cooperative and want me to get better.
I should be able to come home tomorrow (Saturday) afternoon – but they want to do my blood pressure first, and I have to have more medication tomorrow.
Apparently my urine has lots of protein in it which  is why I’m losing weight, and Peter is going to order in a new medicine for me to try to reduce that.
I’m still not very interested in food so I think I may get some medicine to stop me feeling sick.
They also checked to see I have FeLV and apparently I don’t – so that’s good news.
Peter’s going to send you an update later.
Don’t worry too much – I am very comfortable and have company.  Tom next door to me also has FIV and he is very healthy so I guess there’s some hope for me.
Love and kisses for now

Decision Made

After days and days of confusion and tears i have made the decision to start Bob on Chemo 😦

As it stands my options are: 

A) Sit back and watch him deteriorate very quickly until eventually his body gives up on him, or we have to put him to sleep 


B) Try him on the Chemo and hope for the best. 

As it stands he isn’t doing very well, and i don’t think we have much to lose trying. 

All i know is that i love this kitty more than anything in this world and i will never forgive myself if i just sit back and watch him die when there is a chance, even if its a very very small one, that i could do something to help. 

All i can do now is go with it and hope it doesn’t make him worse.

Chemo Or No Chemo

We went to the vet again yesterday, just to chat with him and see what Bob’s options going forward are. He wants to start Bob in chemo, he thinks its his best option 

And here comes my dilemma …. Chemo or no chemo. 

I don’t want to make him sick, he doesn’t understand, if it was a person its so different, you give them their options and they decide whats best and make their own decision. 

How can i ?

If i don’t do it i know he doesn’t have long, when he was diagnosed they said he had weeks maybe months, and i know he will start suffering, and i’ll never forgive myself, i’ll always be thinking what if i had gone with chemo ? 

And if i do and it makes him really sick and doesn’t work i’ll never forgive myself because i made him suffer in the little time he had.

Its such a hard decision but i take comfort in the fact that the vet is amazing and he assured me that he will treat bob with both conventional, homeopathic and herbal remedies to prevent any side affects from the chemo, he tells me cats cope well with it and kidney lymphomas respond very well to chemo. 

I find him quite honest and know he wouldn’t make Bob suffer, he did say if it was another cancer, for example bowel cancer he would definitely not offer him chemo as they do not respond well to it at all.

Its a very hard decision and every time i think I’ve made up my mind i start doubting myself

I will need sometime to think about it and hopefully with as much advice as possible i can make the best decision for him.