Chemo – Round 2

Bob had his 2nd round of chemo on Friday 15th. All went well

Before he could have his chemo he had to have a blood test to check that his white blood cell count hadn’t dropped too low, so we waited for the call to see whether he could go ahead with his chemo or have to wait until his cell count was ok.

When the vet called he was amazed at how well Bob was doing ! His bloods were all almost normal ! His white blood  cell count was normal,  his high phosphate level was down to almost normal, his kidney size had reduced a lot,  infact you can no longer feel them, compare that to just over a week ago when they were sticking out like golf balls ! The vet said he is so pleased with him and that bob has made a dramatic improvement !

Bob is home now after his 2nd round he didn’t have to spend the night,  and he is doing so well, he is Bob again 🙂 ❤

Im so glad I decided to go with it,  the other option was unthinkable



8 thoughts on “Chemo – Round 2

  1. This is such good news………I wish we’d read this post before we read the earlier one when no treatment had been started and you didn’t know where to turn. It sounds like Bob is reacting well to his chemo – if your vet is pleased, I just know you are!!! Glad to hear Bob is acting like he’s feeling well too – this is remarkable news…….let’s hope it continues!!!

    Prayers and hugs, Pam and Sam

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