Chemo Or No Chemo

We went to the vet again yesterday, just to chat with him and see what Bob’s options going forward are. He wants to start Bob in chemo, he thinks its his best option 

And here comes my dilemma …. Chemo or no chemo. 

I don’t want to make him sick, he doesn’t understand, if it was a person its so different, you give them their options and they decide whats best and make their own decision. 

How can i ?

If i don’t do it i know he doesn’t have long, when he was diagnosed they said he had weeks maybe months, and i know he will start suffering, and i’ll never forgive myself, i’ll always be thinking what if i had gone with chemo ? 

And if i do and it makes him really sick and doesn’t work i’ll never forgive myself because i made him suffer in the little time he had.

Its such a hard decision but i take comfort in the fact that the vet is amazing and he assured me that he will treat bob with both conventional, homeopathic and herbal remedies to prevent any side affects from the chemo, he tells me cats cope well with it and kidney lymphomas respond very well to chemo. 

I find him quite honest and know he wouldn’t make Bob suffer, he did say if it was another cancer, for example bowel cancer he would definitely not offer him chemo as they do not respond well to it at all.

Its a very hard decision and every time i think I’ve made up my mind i start doubting myself

I will need sometime to think about it and hopefully with as much advice as possible i can make the best decision for him. 




4 thoughts on “Chemo Or No Chemo

  1. I have faced several pet health issues in life so my advice is not cavalier. If he were mine, I would go ahead and try to do something. You can always stop at any time. My thoughts are with you. ❤


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